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Absolutely do not trust this company. coupons are FAKE

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Do Not Fall For Their COUPONS.
From our terrible experience, I can only advice you to be wise and not deal with this company. Premier Carpet Cleaning does not do transparent transactions and you get it from their coupons itself. But the worst is their service. First of all, the coupons you might have also received in your mails do not specify what service the coupon is applicable for. So, you may not really get the kind of deal you expect and end up paying a lot more than what you intend to. But the coupons are not even bad compared to their service.
The guy who came to our place first quoted $750 for a deep clean including tiles, grouts and carpet. And when we seemed disinterested, he said he would do it for $450. That is a significant drop and tells you about their over pricing. When we agreed, he left the carpet soaking wet and told us it would take 6 hours to dry. It took 3 days. And when we tried to contact them, they gave silly excuses. We thought we would never deal with them again, but had to. The tiles and grouts were not cleaned properly it seems. Maybe the drop in price meant basically just touching things and making it look clean than actually cleaning it. There were spots on tiles back in just a couple of days, even before the carpet, the one they ”cleaned” was good to use again. When I called to tell them, their representative was rude and cut me off. He even hung up the phone on me and now won’t honour their agreement to serve us again if spots returned in two weeks. Their behaviour towards customer and definition of service is both terrible. Don’t go for them.

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