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doctor's priority is VIP personalities and not others

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I stay in Grove City and Premier Dental is extremely popular in that region. But my experience with them was unexpected on my part as it was totally horrible and negative. My grandmother has artificial dental implants that she removes at night. While removing there is some kind of medicine the implants are soaked overnight and she cleans it in the morning before using it. Due to some problem, an infection was seen in her gum which looked bad, as her gums were red and inflamed within a few hours after putting on her implants.
We tried to book an appointment at Premier Dental of Grove City as our family dentist was out of town and everywhere else was already fully booked. We got ourselves an afternoon appointment for our grandmother. It was difficult to get as there were so many other bookings but somehow we managed. But the problem began after that first of all we had to wait 3 hours for our scheduled appointment. According to the staff the Doctor had the afternoon free and our grandmother was scheduled at that time still as a celebrity client booked suddenly they pushed our appointment from 1 p.m. To 4:00 p.m. we were extremely disappointed by this behavior and though an old lady was in pain right in front of them it didn’t bother anyone there. The most outrageous thing was none of the staff felt that it was important to let us know about the schedule change. We learned about the change after reaching there and had to wait for hours before our grandmother could get treated.
The procedure was simple after that the doctor checked on her and said that she had a minor infection as there were certain germs in her implant which she hasn’t cleaned properly in the morning before putting it on. He gave us a prescription of medicines and the whole procedure was over within half an hour.
The most disappointing thing about this whole incident was an old woman of 82 had to sit through pain for 3 hours just because a regular celebrity client had regular teeth checkup scheduled. I will never recommend Premier Dental to anyone and especially after they overlooked our emergency situation which is supposed to be a doctor’s priority.

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