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Service Dept does not knows what the problem is in the vehicle !!

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I visited Preston Hyundai in Boardman on 2/28/19 regarding a problem with my vehicle that I’ve been experiencing since late 2017/early 2018. I’ve taken the vehicle to Hyundai in Boardman numerous times to address the issue to no avail. Adhering to the recommendations provided by different service staff a tune-up was done, the spark plugs were replaced twice in less than 6 months (without telling me that I didn’t need new ones), among other services in an attempt to ”fix” the problem; however, the issue continued. On different occasions when the service workers took the vehicle for the test drive, they reported that they ”did not know” what the problem was or what would fix it. I was also told that the vehicle “didn’t do” the problem I described despite the fact that it occurred each time I drove the car. When I questioned the recommendation on this visit the service manager, John, was disrespectful, proceeded to talk over me, and did not take ownership for the fact that I had taken my car to this dealership multiple times over the last year to address a problem that had yet to be fixed. On this occasion, I was told the issue was related to ”bad fuel”. A week later when I scheduled an appointment to address the suspected issue of ”bad fuel” contributing to the problem I was told that after service workers ”dug deeper” they determined that the problem was related to something else. This suggests a lack of attention to customer needs and negligence as service workers could have ”dug deeper” initially to fix my car the first time (over a year ago). Both John (service manager) and Dan were unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate as ”service” workers because of poor communication and lack of attention to customer concerns and needs. Moreover, previous workers who recommended inaccurate diagnoses demonstrate a need for improved training to better assist customers and address different vehicle concerns. I had my car towed in on Saturday because the starter had ceased to function – the service manager indicated that they’ll be performing the routine diagnosis (understandable) and came back that my battery needed replacing, with no indication of the starter being problematic.I already  Paid for the replacement of my car battery, diagnosis, and to supposedly have my headlight and another bulb has replaced. Had to have the car towed back in on Monday because the starter quit, leaving me stranded at a gas pump. The service centre did replace the starter on this second visit at no cost to me; however, this issue could have been resolved had the mechanic actually tested the starter per my explanation of the behaviour the car was exhibiting. Additionally, tonight was the first time using my headlights since the repair, only to find out that the headlamp bulb had not been replaced. The service manager was definitely professional, courteous and thorough with the knowledge he was providing, and that I do feel that it should be noted. However, the mechanic who performed the servicing should be investigated from within internally as they claimed that services were performed when they obviously weren’t. I’m going to be replacing the bulb myself so I can make sure that it’s done — but given the bad track record that I’ve not only had with this ’13 Elantra, including this most up-to-date experience with the service centre, I will be able to definitely not be recommending Hyundai products to anybody.

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