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ProActive Spinal Care is a huge scam

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My sister had been very athletic right from her childhood while I had been the complete opposite. She was an accomplished gymnast and was always trying more and more difficult moves and maneuvers. However, recently my parents got a call from her college that she had suffered a fall in the college sports room where she was practicing. She was shifted to a local hospital and although there was no fracture, she had suffered a severe pull in her back and could not bend or move. My parents were allowed to bring her home and soon an appointment had been booked with ProActive Spine Care by calling +1 253-256-1684. At first, all seemed to go well and an extensive checkup was conducted to determine my sister’s spinal health. However, when the therapies began, my sister showed no improvement and in fact, said that if anything, her pain and discomfort had increased. She was unable to move her back at all and we could see that she had difficultly even sitting up on her own. By this time, I had flown down too, to be by her side and it pained me like hell to see my always super- active little sister lying like that. At this point, my parents were really concerned and my sister was staring to panic fearing what if she was not able to walk again, all the while the doctor at ProActive Spinal Care trying to assure that all was well. Well, there was no way were waiting any longer, and we brought her home and took her to another practitioner, and her condition showed remarkable improvement within a week. I am sure that ProActive Spinal Care is a huge scam and they have no idea what they are doing.

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