Prosthodontics and Implant Therapy

Going here was the biggest mistake of my life

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I really do not what made me go to Prosthodontics and Implant Therapy but it turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I have always had raised front tooth from my childhood and invisalign had never fully been able to take care of it. While my friends and family always told me that I was perfect, I had difficulty getting through school and college with all my friends calling me a bunny rabbit behind my back. Well, I had started applying for jobs and now I want to look the best version of myself, because of which went to the clinic to get my front teeth fixed, which I did after making an appointment by calling +1 813-933-6705. I was told a simple cosmetic treatment would take care of the problem but it did not. After I came out from the procedure, which took about two hours, I remember feeling intense pain in my upper jaws, once the anesthetic wore off, which I was told will eventually subside. It went down only slightly and there was a burning sensation in my mouth throughout the day. It was a day procedure and once I came home, I could only take liquid diets, as I was advised. The next morning, I woke up with swollen lips and bleeding gums and I rushed back to the clinic, this time accompanied by my roommate. The doctor did not see me, and only a nurse attended and although she was well spoken and calm, she just about did something that stopped the bleeding but the pain and the discomfort continued. It went on for a few days like this, with the pain coming down only a little and yet I could make out there was no significant change in the appearance of my front teeth. I also had to go to the hospital and take a round of medicines and it was three weeks before the pain and the swelling around my mouth reduced.

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