they are mere money mongers and are just there to take your money

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I was looking for marketing my product since a long time and I came across Qiigo. And I have to say that it was the worst decision of my life. I really regret opting Qiigo as my marketing strategy. I had hoped that my product will reach my local customers but the results were horrifying and totally not-up-to-the-mark To begin with, I had called them on Monday. They did not reply and asked me to leave a message. I wrote every detail on the message and sent them. They replied to me on Friday, four days late! But, I still continued which I shouldn’t have had. The staff assigned to me was extremely rude and arrogant for what reason I am not sure of. The staff did not do any research on my product and unabashedly asked me for the payment in full before commencing the job. I was sceptical about the same and asked him to take half the amount and the rest after the job. But, he was totally arrogant and asked me rudely to find another place. I gave in and made the payment as I had to do the job fast. They were very reluctant. They started social media promotion with a reach of about only a few hundreds. I was extremely dissatisfied and asked them to increase the reach. But, they did not seem to pay heed to my needs. The total reach in a week did not even reach the thousand mark. I called them and said the same. They said that they could not do anything as my product was not worthy enough. Seriously? Is this the way to behave with your customer? Stay away from Qiigo as they are mere money mongers and are just there to take your money and give you unsatisfactory results.

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