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cold behaviour and billing fraud

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For the last few months I have been facing some issues with two wisdom teeth and after going to the local dentist and getting x-rays done, I was advised to go to a dental surgeon. When I visited RAI they told me they would need me to pay $1000 fro two teeth to be removed! And that payment has to be done first. I was feeling excruciating pain and could not speak or eat or even sleep. They included the primary dentist’s cost in Dr. Rai’s cost and made the bill more. They justified by saying that the primary dentist had pending claims. When I called up the insurance company to get the information, I found out there was no pending claim with the primary dentist. All they want is money and Dr. Rai behaves good with people who have it. They know their customers well and the rich get good treatment both in terms of medical and behavioural. They do not care about your pain or problem. They will be smiling at you for the money you pay them.
Also during the surgery the nurse gave me too much laugh gas that made me uncomfortable for a long time. I was unable to breathe for some reason. These people look very posh and everything but they are doing only business. Customer service and welfare is very poor. Also do not go by the positive reviews on the internet as they delete all the negative reviews. When visiting them be careful with the billing specially if you are not uncle Scrooge. Be ready to get cold behaviour from them if you question their billing. It is just a money making organisation and nothing else.

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