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Went here for an oil change, after I left I noticed the tech wrote up a bunch of BS on the service sheet

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I bought my car from Randy Wise Auto Mall. Of late each time I had gone to them for service of car I had an unpleasant experience. Firstly, they take so much time to process even a single step. Who has this much time to deal with their slow and inefficient working? They do too much paper work for repairs and every time they end up losing the documents.

Even for a simple oil change I had to give my car for whole check. It is really irritating to deal with them. they take too long to process. I think there is extensive division of labour which has made the working clumsy and slow. The wait time is not only to give your vehicle for repair but also for getting it back after repair. Last time I ended up in a fight with the manager as I had to wait for an hour to get the keys of my car. They sent me from one person to another in order to complete the formalities.

The mechanics are rude in their behaviour. They do not want to answer customer queries. they keep on delaying the work. A simple repair work which can be completed in an hour they require two days to give your vehicle back. This is so unfair. I would rather prefer to give car to local mechanic than giving them and waiting and waiting and waiting. They give nothing other than a headache. So, think twice before getting to this place. If you have the patience and time to deal with them, then only go else you will end up cursing only. I am never going to go back to this place ever again. Such a rude staff and manager. They give you enough reasons to get angry.

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