Ray Brandt Hyundai

We were supposed to pick up the car the next day. They sold it "late at night" the night before.

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I went to Ray Brandt Hyundai to finalise the car deal, the car which I wanted to gift to my parents as a gift the next day for their anniversary. My brother and I spent the whole day there finalising the model, colour etc. We took the test drive since we were confused between two models. The final touch up was to given to the car and we agreed to take the car tomorrow and they promised to keep it ready. We paid half amount and agreed to pay the rest at the time of taking the car precisely 1 pm.

When we reached there the other day the sales person brought us to a new car, a new model which according to him was better that the one we booked. He tried to persuade us to buy it instead but we told him that we had already booked the car and it is not allowed to change your car model at such instant. He agreed to speak to manager and manage the rest of the issues. His behaviour put us in doubt as to why he was emphasizing us to buy the car even though we had purchased another car. My brother did not agree to all this as it would take time to again complete the paper work and the rest. Seeing us not willing to change our decision manager came to us and told that the car which we had booked is already being sold the previous night. So, they could only provide us with that car a week later. This enraged both of us. I mean what all plans we had made and this was so wrong on their part. We had already made the part payment. This is highly unprofessional to give away our car like this. We had an utter argument with that manager. He offered us a heavy discount on any car that we choose but we just refused. We do not aspire to deal with such cheaters who get swayed away by person who offers them a little more money. Sorry to say, this is not the way to deal with customers. Very dissatisfied with this place.

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