Rejuvenate Medical Spa

complete waste, they mislead clients

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The name spa means a place to relax and when the name medical is associated with it, you get a picture that it is going to be therapeutic one. With this is mind, I had booked an appointment with Rejuvenate Medical Spa. To start with, when I first drove to their address at 17130 Ventura Blvd, I was indeed quite impressed. The place looked beautiful and it was somewhere you felt you could spend a day or two. However, when I asked about the various spas they had, it turned out to be just another cosmetic clinic. I had not had the time to do much research about the place before coming here and I guess that was a mistake. I drove all the way there and spent money on the appointment and so it seemed foolish to just return empty handed. However, I was in no mood for any kind of cosmetic treatment and I had never needed one. I asked if there were any massages and the like and there were none. So I went in for some completely unnecessary procedure and tried a session of laser hair removal. Now just about five weeks after the procedure, my body hair is back again, and they were not supposed to return for a long, long time. That entire trip of mine was a complete waste and it looked like they are completely misleading the clients by attracting them with a very different image while all the time taking advantage of the insecurities the women have about themselves. I had wanted a refund which they had refused and I simply ended up paying up half off my paycheck on something which did nothing for me and only left me frustrated.

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