Retama equine hospital

Don't go there if you need help

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This is hospital for horses and they are not providing any perfect services for the customer and they are always not communicating the customers. They are always not giving time to the customers and doing services for the horses. The retama equine was not allowing any of the services from outside to allow. They don’t even help the intern who came to learn there.

They are not providing the customers the perfect information about the treatment which are should be given to the customers and they should always provide the customers perfect information details and they should also provide the prices for the treatment. The doctor are not always answering the calls and they are not always giving the information whether they should come or not. They are not getting any details about the appointment and about the price details.

They are not responding to the calls and not even calling return to the calls. The hospital is not having the products or the wanted materials in their hospital and no one is having the perfect experience in the work. The customer is always questioning about all the details and they are disappointed by not getting any information.

A customer was always going to get treatment in their and that started with good treatment. After some days the customer got a problem for horse and immediately he called for the hospital at that night and not even getting the call recieved.he was very worried about it. The farm call for one of our horses with colic and then doctor said she would be here after 5pm and I was waiting for the doctor all the day. After she called before 10min to become 5 then she called and said she cannot come and receive the horse or give the treatment. What is that. Is that the way they approach to the customer thank God that finally I went to another doctor and did the treatment to the horse or else the horse would die.

In the hospital the horse was not getting the perfect treatment and the doctors are not even well studied and well practised and they are charging more for only small treatment and are earning a lot. There are a lot of cases where they failed to save the horses and they are not giving the information to the outside world. THIS IS NOT A TRUSTABLE site and there is totally opposite when compared to the given review in the internet.

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