Ricky Gutierrez

beware and don’t fall for the shittiest programs out there!

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Ricky Gutierrez is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Techbud Solutions. He runs a course named Learn, Plan, Profit on YouTube to guide the youngsters on money matters! Ricky actually boasts modest profits compared to some of the other traders on YouTube.

Trading is HARD! Or I should say trading is easy, but making money CONSISTENTLY is hard. If you can’t make money trading, but you know how to do it, then you put out a video and sell the idea of making money and make people think you made money!!

If you are a Millionaire, why sell course??
Ricky calls himself a “Conservative Investor”, and boasts about realistic goals!!
He said that if your starting account has $5,000 and daily growth rate of 1%, the annual return will be 365% , whereas S&P 500 has an annualised return of 9%!!. Having this strategy is Ricky really a conservative investor?? Where is the evidence, where are the broker’s statement, if he is teaching his followers that they can make an annual return which is 40 times more than that of S&P 500??

Small minds think you have to choose between being RICH or HAPPY!
Some people think pursuing multiple income streams, freedom and making your own schedule is the most sinister thing on Earth. Financial freedom means being your own BOSS, making your own schedule, having assets work in your favour instead of depending on some person who is going to teach you about investing or being a day trader or even being a Millionaire. Financially freedom and wealth should be your goals, not stability, benefits or a salary.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but when money is a non-issue it’s priceless…

Ricky Gutierrez states that he is the youngest millionaire in Arizona and has so much potential to actually help others and society but instead he is taking a path of lies and deceit which is really tragic by all means. That kind of makes me think negatively about Ricky Gutierrez. There will come a time when he will be completely exposed and his life will be wrecked at a young age just coming to terms with the guilt, I shouldn’t miss to mention the legal action that he could face in near future. Not being aware about serious online trading is a crime in itself and moreover without having any deep knowledge about that you are selling your day trading programs to people by getting them to invest and then luring them to invest in more stocks and fooling them by providing tips to get rich overnight. Invest your money intelligently and don’t hand it out to financial wizards like Ricky Gutierrez. I speak from personal experience and having lost money and time both, I want to make sure no one else has to go through this so beware and don’t fall for the shittiest programs out there!


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