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Horrible experience with this office and staff.

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First of all there is a huge mismanagement in the administrative department where they do not know whether an insurance is applicable to their office billing or not. I asked them this on call before making an appointment. They said yes. When I went there and inquired whether my insurance was considered in their office again. First they said yes then when I got my treatment and wanted to claim my insurance they said that my type of insurance was not accepted. This was ridiculous in the first place when they told me that it was accepted then and I was charged 480 dollars which was reduced to 120 dollars and then suddenly it got reduced to $48. I had no idea how this happened and was very confused with their payment scheme.My queries were unanswered and I came back home after a few days. I found that my crowning made my tooth more sensitive. I was having problems with simple task like eating, drinking or even talking.So I had to go back to the dentist where I found out that my tooth was infected.Now I had to spend a thousand dollars more to get it treated. This place is a scam who extract money in a way that you don’t even understand.They have a huge problem with this and on top of that you don’t even get the treatment you pay for.Then you have to fix the problem they create with your teeth from another dentist. This whole harassment was created and my time and money both were wasted.

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