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quoted an outrageous price for an elaborate procedure that was “the only option”

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I went to River City Dental Solutions PLLC in order to seek advice for my daughter’ s treatment of braises. We urged to get her the braises but were unsure as to it was required or not. When we spoke to the doctor, he just checked the tooth and said that the braises were required and as my daughter was in adolescent age it was right to get the braises as soon as possible. He quoted us the price and we went on as to when can we start.

Later we thought to have a second opinion about the treatment and consulted another dentist who told us that four of the existing tooth need to be removed and asked if we are okay with it otherwise there are temporary braises which are removable anytime but cannot assure as to in what time the treatment would get over. Dr. Perry never told us about this procedure and neither gave us a choice between temporary and permanent braises. Moreover, the price of treatment that this doctor gave was half of what was quoted at River City Dental Solutions PLLC.

Now you might get the game that was played. Only money was his sole target. He never informed the whole procedure. It is necessary that you take the consent of patient before any such thing. I would not suggest anyone to go to River City Dental Solutions PLLC. It is a very expensive place. There are more doctors in the city who are well off and not that expensive. I was very disappointed after visiting this place and we have made it a habit to get a second opinion always before any treatment. This place has got us in a situation of distrust which is difficult to change.

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