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The customer service person should At least listen to the customer first

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I wanted to visit dentist as I was having pain in my tooth for a week. I decided to go to Riverwalk Dental and Orthodontics as it has a rating so was expecting good service from them and it was near to my house. I tried to book my appointment online but it was not possible. There was some issue on their website. So, I dialled the customer service number to seek help. They explained me the procedure and asked to book the appointment. Damn, I already know the procedure, the problem was the booking was not getting confirmed. I decided to once again try the mentioned steps to book appointment but failed. The customer service person does not know anything beyond what they are taught to speak. At least listen to the customer first. I went to the place all by myself and told the receptionist that appointment was not getting booked. There I was informed that the website was under maintenance and so it was not possible for two days. I told them this should have been told by your customer service team. Such an uninformed staff they were. I think this whole incident frustrated me so much that I gave up going over there. Also, I was expected to wait over there till the last patient was taken up by doctor in case if I wished to visit the doctor. Who has that much time? I had already wasted half of my day and could not wait for the other half of the day. I visited some other doctor that day. Please visit this place only if you have high patience level and capability to wait for long hours. For me this place proved to be disgusting. You visit a place only if the staff members you contact are friendly, informative and customer friendly. My experience was just the opposite.

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