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treat you like a lower-class citizen

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They’ll treat you like a lower-class citizen and will talk to you like you are an unintelligent moron. If you brought your vehicle to them for repair, they’ll charge you for diagnosing after they would say that there is no problem in your vehicle which may result in a severe accident if not repair but they don’t even care for that. If your vehicle shakes at around 2000 RPM and takes oil then they’ll suggest you that old vehicles do take oil and shakes they’ll convince you that it can’t be fixed but it can be fixed if you try to go for another garage. The only thing is that they have to tighten a few bolts and replace the valve of the oil cap but this little work they don’t do. Even if you that the problem can be solved or there is an issue a suggestion them to what to do then they’ll show their arrogant behaviour and talk you like you don’t know anything.

They don’t show a friendly nature and they won’t give you admire what you expect from them. They are not as professional as they show on their website. They will take too much time to repair any issue even if it is a small issue that can be done in 5 minutes if done accurately but they will damage other parts to repair one and that’s how they take too much time. This makes them an excuse that they had worked and several parts were repaired and charge you not for the repair you told them to fix but all the other things that they made on their on to make money.

They’ll first don’t repair your vehicle after you gave them to repair and take their own time to do so and this may take up the whole day, they won’t give you your vehicle even if it is repaired and won’t give a call to pick up even if it is their work but you have to go for it as it’s your vehicle. This will take up your day and if it’s urgent to go somewhere on your vehicle then you have to forget that if you have given your vehicle to them for repair or service.

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