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Think twice about using these people.

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As they say, Old is Gold, and it is at times best to stick to the tried and tested methods rather than experimenting too much, especially when it comes to something like one’s health and happiness. I had always wanted to get that dazzling smile that Hollywood celebrities flash on the red carpet and so when we went to Florida after our graduation for a fortnight of fun, I decided to go for a quick treatment at Lane Dentistry. I called them at +1 561-395-3503 for the appointment and everything seemed to be in place at first. However, I had no idea that my vacation was going to turn into a nightmare soon and I would have to spend the better part of my vacation trapped in my room with a swollen mouth rather than enjoying the sun and the beach in Florida. Well, this is exactly what happened. I was told my teeth would be perfectly aligned, and I would get a dazzling white smile in just three sittings. Instead, after the very first one, I seemed to lose all sensation around my mouth and my lips were swollen. I had difficulty chewing food and my face had lost all color. I was told this was just an initial reaction and it would pass in a day or two. My friends could not imagine why I was not going out with them and when they did see what had actually happened, they were big help and took good care of me. My teeth alignment was a complete failure- they had given me some sort of invisalign but it simply refused to sit properly and put extra pressure on my gums. I guess it is a good idea to stay happy with what we are blessed with and I was too much taken in with the use of new technology and stuff which this doctor promised, when clearly there was nothing to show for it.

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