Rolling Hills Paediatric Dentistry

experience with Rolling Hills has been awful

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It pains me to recall how Rolling Hills Paediatric Dentistry, the so called our ‘son or daughter`s oral health advocate’ actually led to the suffering of my dear friend`s daughter. I am extremely shocked and at the same time wondering how they can be allowed to do such a business in this shameless way. My friend had paid a visit to their clinic for getting her daughter`s tooth extracted, as her child had been having trouble with her tooth for quite a few days. Such a simple task they had to do and they absolutely RUINED IT! Not only was the child not made comfortable before the surgery, but the tools used on her might have also not been disinfected!

Now she has a gum swelling and a tremendous ache which is not what they had assured us they would get rid of! When the child started showing negative symptoms post-surgery, we visited their chamber on Hilborn Road to know why such things were happening. To our utter disbelief, the staff there completely ignored us and even refused to listen to our problems. The child was with us on that day thankfully, so we could raise our voice in protest. They did not even treat the girl to give her relief from the pain! On the contrary, they denied having ever treated her and acted as if we had never registered for a check-up before!

This experience with Rolling Hills has been so awful that I have decided to never take my child to their clinic in Fairfield ever again! My friend has also warned everyone about the extremely treacherous staff, who are only concerned with getting hold of innocent first time patients to lay their hands on. I would strongly recommend everyone to think twice before they visit this ridiculous dentistry.

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