Roswell Hyundai

full of unprofessional and untrained people.

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I visited this company in order to get my car repaired as it got some problems with the brakes and clutch. This company is a famous one so I preferred going here. But all I got was a disappointment. First, I went to the reception in order to get some details about the company’s programs and policies, the services they provide and its respective prices, discounts and other offers. The guy in the reception was soo busy reading magazine that he didn’t even recognize my presence at all. Then, in order to get his attention, I patted on the desk. He gazed at me furiously as if he was being disturbed by me. What the hell? I mean, how could he act like that to any of his customers? That was something beyond my imagination. He held me a catalogue of the company. I told him about the problem in my car, he told me that it would charge 200 bucks. I was completely fine with it and then went to the service department, where I was shocked to see that every worker was sitting idle and talking to each other. They had a lot of pending work. There were already five to six cars approximately for getting repaired. Then, I told them about the problem in the car and they said that it would take at least two days. Pathetic!! Just to repair, few parts of the car they were taking two days minimum. Giving justification to their statement, they told me that they had to repair other cars before mine. Liars!!! If they had that much of a work, why were they not doing it? Lazy people. They took five days to repair it and yet they hadn’t done it well. Within two days my car again started getting the same problem.  I don’t know what they had repaired. Nothing was improved but they even worsened the situation. I went back to the company for the same and they started misbehaving with me. When I told them that I was still getting the problem, what they had repaired, one of the guys whispered they fix it up by yourself. How disrespectful!!! Later, I took my car to some other place and I got it repaired within two hours.

I would never recommend this company. It is full of unprofessional and untrained people. They wouldn’t provide you any service but would misbehave with you. I had never felt that much disrespected as this company did. Don’t waste your time and money here

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