Roy Daniels DDS

if you take treatment from them, your case can even become worst

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Due to the severe pain in my oral gums, I was searching for a dentist. While buffering over search engine, I got to know about Roy Daniels DDS. Their website seemed to be very attractive and promising. So I decided to take an appointment with them and visit them as soon as possible.

I got the contact details from their website but unfortunately I got the wrong details. The number they have given was out of network coverage area. So I decided to go personally to their clinic and to take the appointment. When I reached their, I was just parking my vehicle and suddenly the guard came and talked to me very rudely and asked me to park my vehicle outside. Maintaining my patience, I went inside and asked the receptionist if the doctor is free. She didn’t pay any attention to my words firstky. She was busy over a call and was ignoring ke continuously. Well this behavior was really unexpected. Moreover, it was just unacceptable.

Finally she got free and didn’t even apologized for her behavior. She booked my appointment and I was waiting for the doctor to come. But unfortunately, even the doctor was late. I was really very disgusting to see such a irresponsible behavior by a doctor.

Later when doctor came, he attended me but didn’t pay much attention to listening my actual problem and started the treatment. I was really very scared and in result of that, I lost my two tooth due to the irresponsible behavior of the doctor. After having such treatment by them, I would never ever recommend anyone to visit them even in the worst of cases. Since if you take treatment from them, your case can even become worst

Make sure you avoid such doctors and complain about this to cancel their license.

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