Rte 2 Hyundai

This is the worst, most unprofessional car dealership I have ever been to

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I went to Rte 2 Hyundai to purchase a new car. The experience was not at all pleasant. Almost for an hour I was looking over to the models in show room all by myself. Then came the sales person. He asked if I have finalised something as if it was a clothing store that I would just look and finalise. Of course, I would take a test drive before arriving at a decision. He then briefed me about some more models and their respective price quotations.

I felt that the sales person was rude and was every time trying to belittle me. This behaviour is horrible. It is fine if you know more than your customers and you are bound to but there is a way as to how you present an unknown fact to the customer. The way he was talking is in no way justified. He was literally insulting me. I just left the place. It was a very unpleasant experience over there.

Even at the time I was leaving the manager did not make an effort to know the matter. This shows how much you care for your customers. It is good to trust your employees but they were over trusting their employees and it is spoiling their reputation. The unpleasant interaction never urged me to make a second visit to that place.

Also, I feel this dealership is expensive as when I went to another dealer, I got a better deal. They gave me a discount too and service guarantee card. So, the deal was impressive. Rte Hyundai do not give such service. I will not recommend you to go to this place. Do not get swayed by the online rating. Especially if you are a woman do take care as they will leave no chance to demean you.

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