Rude family Dentistry

Today they lost our family as a client and they have lost our respect.

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It is very disturbing to tell that in this century, people are just here to play with the trust of other people and nobody is loyal and reliable. It is very shameful for the community of doctors that they are even cheating on their patients.

It is a case of few days back when I was suffering from severe tooth ache. I was in search of a good dentist and got to know about Rude Family Dentistry. I called them to fix an appointment but nobody picked up the call. I tried almost 7 times but got no answer from them. Later when my wife went there to fix an appointment of mine with the dentist, the receptionist didn’t behave properly. She seemed to be very busy with her personal stuffs and asked my wife to wait for a long time. She waited there around for 2 hours to get an appointment fixed. Well this was very disappointing behavior of the receptionist.

Now when the appointment got fixed, I went to meet the doctor. Just like the receptionist, doctor also came late, and when she came, she didn’t even apologize for the delay. This was really very unethical. When she started the treatment she didn’t even make me comfortable at my place first and started the treatment immediately. It was very painful though. Even after the treatment, the pain was the same and when I asked about it, she realized that she had given me a wrong injection due to which I needed to undergo one more severe surgery.

Unfortunately, they just not wasted my time and money but also made me more sick. I would never advice anyone on this planet to go to them for there treatment. They are just so irresponsible and fake that they give false hopes to their patients

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