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had set the braces very bad ...

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I’ve had teeth deformities since a very young age. I have huge gaps between my two front teeth which often led me to becoming the butt of all jokes, be it at work or home. So recently I decided to get that fixed and started looking up doctors who are reliable and perform the procedure. After much research and thoughts, I found the Russo Dentistry which was situated at 3811 Ed Dr Suite 120, Raleigh. Being easily accessible for me I made an appointment with the doctor.

When I first went in for a checkup, the doctor was really well-behaved and catered to all my problems. Being impressed with his professionalism and expertise, I opted for correctional surgery, where he would fit braces on my teeth and after a stipulated amount of time it’d be removed which would ultimately lead to my teeth being fixed.

So on 18th of May I went in for the surgery to the clinic. The surgery was successful according to the doctor as I couldn’t feel anything immediately afterwards due to the local anesthesia applied during the procedure.

As soon as I returned home I started feeling mild discomfort in my gums, which intensified overtime. After a few hours I could barely move my jaw due to the immense pain that I was in. so I had my wife call him up on the number given on his website which is +1 919-364-0706. But even after repeated attempts I was unable to contact him. We drove up to his clinic only to find it closed for the day. Having no other option we reached the nearest dentist available.

Upon examination he said that the braces had been set faultily and after another surgery, it was corrected. He also had to give me medication for the pain already caused by my last procedure. Afterwards I couldn’t have anything that night except for some juices through a straw.

Later when I went to the Russo Dentistry clinic to complain about my ordeal, instead of listening to what I had to say, they started chastising me for not adhering to them and instead going to a different dentist. I even showed them the fault which the other dentist found in their procedure but to no avail.

I have no hopes of recovering the money I wasted at this dentistry, neither can I get back the time wasted. But I write this with hopes that other people out there don’t have to go through the same ordeal that I went through.

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