Rusty Rooster

shipped broken and useless products.

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I have always had a liking towards home decor and for this I have ordered many items from various stores. There are a lot of stores which have a very promising factor and the website of Rusty Rooster was one such website. I was highly impressed by the look of the webpage ( as there were numerous items and their images. There were various monographs which seemed very affordable and attractive to me, so I ordered for myself a fancy monogram, a Split Swirly Monogram, a sunflower monogram and a very attractive Cattle Grazing in The Field Ranch sign. I was expecting a total of around 500 dollars, but then they added a lot of ‘hidden costs’ and my total bill shot to a whooping 2000 dollars! It was mentioned that it was the delivery charge for each item that had added up to the grand total! I really wanted to buy them so I placed the order inspite of the charges.

When the parcel arrived, I was shocked beyond my belief to see that the items that were parcelled were not those that I had ordered! Instead, they were some very cheap looking items that neither had the glaze nor the shape of the items that were shown in the images! One of the monograms was broken too!

I decided to return the items and get a refund, because clearly, I did not want the products any more. When I tried to contact them for this issue, I was told that these items were not refundable nor returnable. I am now stuck with these awful items that will neither have any utility, nor will I ever be able to gift them to anyone! And all these I had to buy for such high prices! I will never ever recommend Rusty Roosters to anyone!

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