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They do not have a very knowledgable group of dentists . Avoid

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Our appointment with Saad Smiles Dentistry was one of the worst that we had to go through in our lives. Me and my husband recently moved to Livonia, MI, due to his work and naturally we had to look for a new dentist here after a point. We booked an appointment after calling them at +1 734-421-2675 and to be honest, did not find anything amiss on first reaching the clinic. However, once the appointment started, we could make out that the entire place was not at all equipped to handle dental patients. Thankfully, both of us had gone to the appointment together since it was a new place and so we at least had each other. My husband had never had any major dental issues, and he flosses regularly and yet there was a lot of tinkering around in his mouth he said. He could feel the dentist poking in his gums and he could actually feel the pain while in my case, there was hardly any examination at all. I simply sat there, gaping, with my mouth opened wide with clamps and lay there for about 15 minutes with the dentist coming only once or twice to have a look while he did some other work at his desk for the rest of the time. I really do not know what the matter with them is and we have promised ourselves that we are not returning to this place. When my husband narrated this incident to his colleagues at his new office, even one of them told him that they had similar experience and that his mother had developed complications in her mouth after she had visited Saad Smiles Dentistry and had to visit another dentist to heal herself. Anyone moving to Livonis should steer clear of this dentistry for sure.

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