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never repaired the leak but charged us heavily .SCAM ALERT

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We wanted to service and maintain our basement with inspection, cleaning, and waterproofing it. So, we contacted Safe Basements. The person was very excited with his brand news, and he tried to pressurize, saying that if we repair now, we will save money. We were to pay a fee.

We also bought some materials from them, since ours was in bad condition. They billed us a total of $500 Plus. Later we realized that we shouldn’t have bought them because it cost so much, even with service and labor. We should have repaired it so that the cost would have been a little low at least.

They suggested us to redo completely, as it was not in good condition according to them. The quote that was given by them is $8000.They revisited us after about a month or so after it has been done.

Since we started getting the problem again, we were shocked as they have done it recently, and we were not sure what could have happened.

We tried to get help in a different direction. We thought, to go with a different company this time. At the time they told that nothing had been done to or basement.No repair no service, and they asked how long has it been since this so-called repair has happened.

We were shocked to hear that because we have done it, not more than a month ago, and it should be perfect. We felt heartbroken about trusting the company so much and paying the amount even though it is high.

The actual problem we had was the leak, which was never repaired, and that took a necessary amount for materials too, and they did not clean our basement, or the cleaning was also sick. They make high promises saying about the efficiency, but when it came to the real work its worst.


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