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irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior towards patients.

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My grandfather used to have very beautiful teeth but with time he is losing all of his teeth as he is growing older. I want to do something for him and bring his beautiful smile back that’s why after researching a lot I found out Sanford Dental Excellence. They are popular for installing realistic artificial teeth and completely changing the dental structure of anyone. Through research, I also find out that they have already helped a lot of older people having similar problems like my grandpa.

I booked an appointment and went to visit the dentist with my grandpa. The first thing which I noticed was they weren’t very careful with older people which was exactly the opposite of some of the reviews I found out online. I was a little doubtful about the situation after having experienced their service first hand. The staffs are not careful with their patients and the dentists are also inconsiderate. But still, I chose to overlook these small details which were a huge mistake on my part. But I saved my grandpa from one blunder and asked the dentist to install one single implant where he has lost an in between the dental structure. We didn’t inform him about our actual plan of getting a full makeover instead we told our dentist that due to the empty space my grandpa can’t eat properly.

They successfully installed an implant in my grandfather’s gum including an artificial Veneers on top of the implant. Within a few days, my grandpa started experiencing extreme pain in and around the implant region. We immediately went to our dentist and he had to urgently remove the whole implant. After that, the dentist informed us that there was an infection around the implant and because of his age he can’t have any such installation in his gum anymore. I was surprised at first that why couldn’t be found that out before the surgery.

I still feel guilty about the situation as I was the one who took my grandpa there but he always says that it’s not my fault the dentists should have had tests done before the surgery. I will never recommend Sanford Dental Excellence to anyone especially due to their irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior towards patients.

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