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care and the attention of their staff are worst

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My friend met with an accident in which he got a problem with these teeth. Hearing about their reputation, we took an appointment there. We could meet a doctor after a long wait only.

There is an incident which happened to us here, at Sarasota family Dental, which made me shocked but realize the facts soon. This was about our treatment planning experience, and I was stuck when I saw their negligent behavior and the aggressive behavior of their staff.

They did not even care to listen well to my problem and concluded without also hearing half of my problem. The diagnosis and the patients were very low.

The actual problem we had was the leak, which was never repaired, and that took a necessary amount for a cap, and they did not clean our tooth, or the cleaning was too sick. They make high promises saying about the efficiency, but when it came to the real work its worst.

The care and the attention of their staff are worst, and they never cared about others pain too. He was in severe pain, and they never minded even to give him some pain killer. Instead, they kept us waiting for our turn.

We were shocked because they spoke to us, made us sit, and did not turn up for a long time. It’s more than an hour of waiting, and it should have been done by now. We felt very painful about trusting the dental office so much and hoping that they would treat us well, and we would get an immediate response over their dental care.

I cannot call it professionalism as they do not know to value the time of their customers. So, I decided not to approach this dental office for any further interaction in the future too.

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