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why call for multiple visits when things done in 1 visit?

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Schommer Dental they are based on practicing in Davenport, Lowa. They say the services of their dental system is affordable but in my views, I don’t think so because when you are being charged extra after extra, this is not what you say. Then you call the same as misleading and misguidance.

These people offer dental implants too but for sure they do and I went there for the same service but the same cost me a fortune. Fees after fees and visit after visit are what I did and this was not only a loss of money but also of time because we are not business people and we don’t have an access over the business to enter and leave just as and when we want.

Coming to the next point, the service quality was also not the same as the last one I went to a nearby dentist. They were friendly and highly convincing to get me some sort of intercanal photographs and I don’t know what.

The other thing that I found is that they charge different from different people. they get to see the face and understand that this person is going to pay us more and then accordingly services are provided to patients.

I was too made a part of this and I received a prescription with some medicines on my first visit while one of the patients who too was a part of this was coming daily as he said. I don’t know what are they planning to do out with the customers out there.

The services must be instant. If you want extra money ask for same then and there but don’t demand a person to visit again and again. We too get harassed and tortured by daily visits at the clinics again and again.

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