If you are a new dancer and trying to learn, this is not the place for you to go.

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This is a dance school and a studio that is located in Texas, yes, a dance school, it is very surprising isn’t it? Having a dance school and a studio is very common now a days but when you go there it is not everyone and anyone that gets to enroll the people that come for admissions there are first judged thoroughly on the basis of their skill and interests for dancing. I simply mean to say if you had the skill why on earth would you pay so much of your hard earned money to learn something that you already know. It simply shows that these guys here are trying to take credit of your talent and skill and basically they do not even want to work hard on making students better at them dancing. Not even after paying for it through their nose. Sometimes I wonder how is it so easy to manipulate someone so easily? Don’t you even feel guilty after doing that? Exactly! I mean there is always a limit after which your mind itself tells you to stop but these guys have been doing this since a long time now. They even check your family background before they can even enroll you or promote you to the next round of their admission process. I mean what has your family background got to do with the admission of your dance class, later it was realized that they wanted to make sure that the students are going to be capable enough to pay their fees later after the admission is done. These guys here are simply more focused on getting their fees rather than just being focused and wanting to be successful in making their student who come to them with hopes to learn dancing, actually learn some dancing and become capable enough of performing somewhere and being known for that!

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