Shawna Deeves MD

she showed very little compassion and did not prescribe anything helpful

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I was never good at communicating and after my grandfather and my father passed away within a very short span of time, I had found myself unable to reach out to anyone. My parents had divorced when I was young and I had grown up in the presence of these two very strong men in my life, who have taught me about everything in life, but like most men are, they are not always the best of communicators. I found that I had no one to talk to at home and felt that my friends or extended family would not actually realize what I was going through. So after a friend suggested, I booked an appointment with Shawna Deeves, MD, who is based in San Antonia, TX. I thought opening up to her, would give me a chance to cope. Turns out it was a bad idea. The lady is very calm and pleasing actually, but not once did I feel that I was in the presence of a psychiatrist and that talking to her was helping me in any way. It seemed she only just sat there and after coming out from her chamber, I felt worse than ever. She seemed distant and disinterested and she hardly had any input when I asked her directly what I should do at this time in my life. In fact, I think I could do a better job of counseling myself than she could ever do. She made some notes and asked me to come back again at a later date but I was not convinced. She hardly asked me anything and although I know probably many psychiatrists first simply let the patient’s talk rather than saying anything themselves, this was positively not working for me. I don’t know whether it was only me feeling this way or whether she had actually taken no interest in me but I am definitely not going back.

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