Sheehy Hyundai of Waldorf

Customer service is terrible. VIP plan a scam.

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If you take an appointment from them you will find that it very hard. Their service department does really a poor job. instead of getting serviced your vehicle in one hour they will take more than 3 hours. They don’t say about the estimated time as they even don’t know how much time they take and will say you that more than five minutes they take.

When you get an appointment then you have to wait too long for even small oil change and if you have bought a new car from them then they won’t give you a warranty for the service.

If you purchase a used car from them then you will notice that they did not have clean the vehicle before handing over to you and definitely you are going to find something that belongs to the previous owner or some mess. They will promise you that they will contact you for giving new plates but they will not call you even after six months even if you email them, they will forget that they have some deal with you.

When it comes to dealing with finance your experience with them will not be as you expected to be. They will ask you to trade in loyalty rebate credit and take money, then they will say that they would apply your money to the loan immediately. After then when you call them then they will say that their manager will call you after some time but they won’t call you and you have to call them after that you will be going to listen that you are not going to get your money back as your trade has not qualified even though you got assurance for that it did. So they have poor business ethics and will make money from you and you will like what happened and you will never be able to know that how they trick everyone.

Their customer service is terrible when you visit them, they won’t even greet you and will never ask that if you need help, its kind irritating and so unprofessional that you expected from them but they will fail to show. They will rudely communicate with you and they will not give the updates of your vehicle while being on service. First, they won’t take calls for updates of service and also, they don’t tell you to pick up your vehicle as they have to send vehicle but they don’t do that. So, you have to pick up on your own.

So, if you have a free VIP plan and have some issues to be repaired then you have to wait for almost three to four hours even you have the appointment. They will state that with the free VIP plan you do not have all free service even if you were promised to get free service.

For the Free VIP plan, you have to pay a huge amount while having a deal to buy a car

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