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farce in name of Botox treatment

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My aunt recently thought of going for Botox treatment for her forehead and also of getting a nose job, which is why she had booked an appointment with Shell Plastic Surgery. To be honest, she did say she had asked around before she had booked her appointment and their rates were also lower compared to other plastic surgery clinics. She had this slight upturn to her nose which my uncle thought was very cute but she had always been conscious of it and wanted to fix it. She came back from the initial appointments quite happy although my uncle dissuaded her, she decided to go for it. Today she wishes she had not and wonders why she did not listen to her loving husband. Her nose indeed looks terrible now. The entire shape of the nose has changed, it has become stubbier and she does not look like herself at all. The procedure was not only a failure in terms of technicality, but it has made her serious dent in my aunt’s confidence and she is not the charming and happy woman that she used to be, and she is hardly herself since her bandages came off. My uncle is of course, extremely angry with her, but is also doing his best to be by her in this trying time. What is worse is that the doctor has now refused to take any responsibility and he had refused a refund, claiming that this is exactly what he had promised and that my aunt had misunderstood. I seriously hope they have their license revoked or something. Even the Boto treatment that my aunt went for looks unsatisfying, with the wrinkles on her forehead still remaining quite visible in places. I want people to see through them and stop taking appointments at this farce of a place.

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