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carelessness and rudeness is their motto

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Last week I had scheduled an appointment with an Invisalign treatment with the Shemen Dental Group but then I had started to have second thoughts, so I emailed the office to let them know that I want to call off the appointment as I had decided to not go along with the treatment.  I waited for two days but still did not get any reply so out of courtesy I thought I should call the office and enquire on a confirmation if they had received the email or not . So I did. They did not pick up the phone the first two times, and the third time when they did, they literally told me that they did not have time for indecisive people like me!  I was so taken aback, I never expected such a reputed institution to behave like this with a patient. This left such a bad taste in my mouth, as this is how they treat their patients when no one is watching!

And that too, for the price they charge, it is so expensive but then they have the audacity to go ahead and behave in such an ill way! These flashy hospitals nowadays have become traps to pull money but in reality they do not return the value for that money spent. They lure in customers with their flashy exterior but on the inside they want nothing but money and that is what their behavior potrays.

This may seem like a small incident but the same carelessness and rudeness when it will be part of their treatment procedures also, it will be a part of a bigger picture. So we need to start taking a stand or it will be too late. If we cannot feel secure in a hospital, what kind of a place will e be living in?

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