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Be careful about the billings.

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The other day I went to this Shenandoah dentistry, I had never visited this before I went in solely based on the fact that the dentist was highly recommended. I went for a simple filling and polishing and that is it. While going through the procedure, the dentist apparently notice a loose crown, so he pulled the crown out and then recommended it, all this was done without my permission mind you and this was not what I was in for, but nevertheless I was fine with it, until while going out to pay at my desk I saw that I was charged for the recommencement of my crown! WHY?!

First of all, this whole thing was done without my consent, I did not ask the dentist to pull out my crown and nor was their appointment about that, then why should I pay for it?! Also on top of this, the smoothening of my crown was also a total horror story like it was a botch job! All the white part is gone and the metal underneath was showing! I was absolutely fuming with anger and disgust because at the first he should not have removed the crown only, he only made it worse! And now my bite is all awkward and my teeth no more sit naturally together. It is in such a delicate position!

Such an “esteemed institution”, such a highly recommended dentist and this treatment was unexpected! This is absolutely unacceptable, but I figured there would be no use to unleash this at the dentist, and I have to take steps against the dentistry first because I am sure there is more to this. God knows how many similar dentists they have and how many patients were harassed like I was, but I will not sit still until I see the end of this!!

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