sid dillon buick lincoln

This was the worst experience i’ve ever had with a dealership

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Sid Dillon substantially changed my lease agreement after the date the agreement was reached and the contract was signed (though I learned later that they did not actually sign the documentation that day, just typed “Sid Dillon” without using a valid, physical signature). They had me re-sign a modified version weeks later during the middle of a workday at my place of employment. They sent a courtesy shuttle driver with the document, so I was unable to reasonably ask any questions and couldn’t compare to the original. The driver wasn’t sure which copy I should get, so I didn’t get one and one was never mailed to me by them as I requested.

Dubiously, they used the original sign date on the contract, rather than the date I re-signed, and they presumably signed for the first time.

They also had me re-sign the official odometer disclosure even more weeks later, which, in hindsight, I assume was fraudulent.

Inquired last night about a truck. Got 1 email from the used car sales manager saying Lesley would get hold of me… never happened Text’s the number on the listing, no response. Finally, called the dealership talked to a Chuck who was answering some questions. I asked if I could put a deposit on the truck because I wanted to purchase but couldn’t go check the truck out today because my fiancé was just getting her cancer taken out of her body which I told the salesman. When I got a call back, they told me the truck was sold. I had been trying to put a deposit down, so I could at least test drive it before I signed all the papers. Pretty shady if you ask me. I was wanting to purchase and put down a deposit, and they sold it out from under me. Would not recommend to anyone.

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