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they loot their vulnerable patients

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My grandmother had been losing her teeth for many years and has lost almost all her teeth now. So we decided to have a complete denture for her. We went to Silver Lake Family Dental owing to their goodwill. Although we were greeted well at the reception, we had to wait for hours before the dentist showed up.

However the dentist agreed to construct a complete denture for my grandmother and immediately went on to discuss the cost and payment options. He said that it would be better if we take a denture made up of porcelain as it would be much more durable and easier to clean and also comfortable to wear. But the porcelain denture would cost more than the acrylic resin one but we agreed to have the porcelain one as it would have been better for my grandmother. We received the denture within two days but it fitted tightly inside my grandmother’s mouth. The dentist said that it is a common feeling when a denture is worn for the first time. His words seemed credible and we came home. After one day my grandmother’s gums became sore and they were bleeding as the denture was too tight for her. A day later when she was cleaning her denture, it suddenly cracked. We found out that it was not at all made out of porcelain but some low grade plastic material which had a surface rough enough to inflame my grandmother’s gums. We contacted Silver Lake Family Dental at once and told them to replace the denture. They said that it was against their policy. They did not even give us any refund and blamed us for not handling it carefully.

It is such a shame that such clinics as this still exist in the country who only know how to loot their vulnerable patients and their relatives without providing them the care, treatment and services they deserve. Stay away from Silver Lake Family Dental!

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