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Horrible support.

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They sure do know how to cheat innocent businessmen! My friend Marc was once interested in the business of grocery items and thought of doing and online business of delivering the items of everyday use that would be ordered by his customers. This was a great plan as there is now an increasing demand for home delivery of the essential items of the house, so everyone encouraged him to proceed with his idea.

He somehow chose Slamdot Webdesign and SEO for getting his website designed and also for some good marketing. He had heard from a ‘friend’ that this was one of the best website building and digital marketing platform for any newcomer. We, his closest set of friends, were sceptical of this company, but Marc seemed so confident that we were left with no choice but to agree upon this web designing agency.

So when Marc tried to enquire about the costs associated with the requirement he had, he was told that he would have to purchase all the services from them. That would include every kind of service they had, from designing a website to getting a wordpress account! Marc had raised objection regarding the utility of a wordpress account for an online grocery selling website, but they explained its necessity to him in such a way that he was bound to agree with them.

The total budget for the website building and digital marketing soared up to such great limits that he had to spend almost 2/3rd of the money he had taken as a loan and unfortunately, he did not have any more money with him! The website they had designed crashed since the day it was made available to the public, and he has not been able to sell even one item till date!

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