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Worst customer service ever!

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Small Biz Web Design Studio is a total scam. It will guarantee you the best for your business, but end up providing you a meagre performance of a website. I am able to say this with confidence, because it happened to me. And it has been the worst thing I have ever experienced. I cannot imagine being in such a helpless situation ever again. It almost cost me all my financial strength and a place on the internet.

I have recently started investing in my love for food and want to make a career out of it. I have worked all my life in retail and could not wait to have something of my own. I took a business loan on account of my ideas and my car. It is not much, but it was supposed to help me through. Anyway, as I was powering on with my passion for food, I realized that it is time I get a website built for myself. In this way I would be able to gain recognition on the internet and also be able to refer to the website if anyone wanted to look me up. I ended up going to the Small Biz Web Design Studio, and that was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. As you might have gathered, I started on a scale enough only for me and I told them that. They ensured me complete fruition from the website and I trusted them. However, when they showed me the end result, I was horrified. It was amateur work that even I would never visit. I called them out for it, but they bashed me instead for having a low budget. I could not do anything else but walk out. Never have I had such a low, and I hope no one suffers through something like that. Worst customer service ever!

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