Stay away from SMOK-HAUS as they are not worth the money you pay.

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One of the worst eating experiences I have ever had in SMOK-HAUS. To begin with, as we arrived, we had no table left despite booking a table one day earlier. Upon speaking with the manager, he told that since we were five minutes late, the table was given to somebody else. I repeat, just five minutes late. He told that we will get table in 10 minutes. I did not argue as I was with my friends and was my birthday. We were kept waiting for 30 minutes and still no sign of a table. We confronted and the manager was extremely rude and asked us to wait or leave. We waited as it was late and we would not get a seat in any other restaurant.


We got the table after 40 minutes. The order was placed and the food was extremely late as usual. We had ordered drinks that too was wrong and the taste was horrible. We requested to change and they rudely said that we would have to pay double else no drink would be served. I was startled and was in disbelief. I did not want to create a scene and thus I was quiet. Out of 10 orders placed, 3 were wrong and was sent back. They took about 1 hour to bring the dishes. My friends were totally flabbergasted and were extremely disappointed. The taste was not good and we did not enjoy or even like the dishes. The taste was worse even compared to street side shops. We had better gone there. The billing took 30 more minutes giving us a very bad experience. The service and food are terrible. Do not waste your money here instead go to any other restaurant. Stay away from SMOK-HAUS as they are not worth the money you pay.

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