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unethical service and behaviour..It was a horrific mess

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Based in Tampa, Florida, Socius Marketing has tainted its name because of its unethical service and behaviour. Going out of your way to help someone is one the most heroic things a person can do, but going out of your way to make things worse for someone is just demeaning for that person’s character.

My sister told me the other day how her colleague had been insulted by a marketing company. Now you might wonder what a person could have done to be treated in such a way, and that too by a company. Well, I still wonder to this day because according to my sister’s colleague, it was a huge unfair thing on their part.

So, my sister’s colleague opened a website of her own and was looking forward to making her SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better. She came across Socius Marketing on her search spree and gave it a try. It begun well for her, with all the meetings and optimization talks. But there were some things that were bugging her and she let the company know about it. Soon, their ideas started clashing and they had slight arguments. The person in charge of her website literally shouted on her and told her to keep her “stupid ideas” to herself! It was nothing less of a nightmare and she was living it. She told the person in charge to hear her out but there was not other way to it. When she threatened to take her case back, he became soft and said he would implement her ideas. Later, she found out that nothing from her requests was done, and also a specially designed demeaning comment was written up on the website by the company. When she complained to them about it, they brushed it off and said their work was done and she could not force them to do anything about it. It was a horrific mess and baffled me too. Socius Marketing should not be allowed to work on ideas when they cannot take some from others itself.

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