Sono Bello

Be aware. how unprofessional.

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They acted like they were giving me a major advantage in advance by asking me to just pay $400 down. At that point the specialist found a hernia during my visit and said I couldn’t have the methodology until I have my hernia fixed. They charged my card for the store of $400 at any rate before I left.
I needed to reschedule twice in view of issues with the hernia medical procedure. I called them today and conversed with the chief who was impolite about what I had experienced and needed a discount until my body was prepared. I’m frightened to have anybody go inside my stomach for anything after the bad dream I’ve experienced with this hernia medical procedure. She said no discount, credit just, despite the fact that their specialist would not do medical procedure.
She was unconcerned with what I’ve experienced and said well have your specialist send an announcement saying you can’t have elective medical procedure. That is not it. My body is destroyed from two diseases. He’s not saying I can’t.. I’m saying it’s bad for me to have it done anyplace sooner rather than later. Be that as it may, no, she won’t discount, disclosing to me well you should put $800, despite the fact that they acted in the event that it was an uncommon.

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