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very bitter experience with them. Scamsaters

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I’m a small business owner out of Boston. I usually deal in specialized composite decks, but in some cases I also accept few interior wood paneling orders. Due to the huge number of competitors in this business and the recent dearth of steady business, I thought of making a video portraying my business, and maybe show it as an advertisement somewhere. Being a small business owner, I was already walking on a budget tightrope and hence couldn’t afford extravagant advertising. So I opted for strategic advertising and hence after much research decided on Sound and Vision Media as they seemed quite good from their promos.

When I reached their premises on 372 Squire Rd, Revere, I had high hopes which were almost completely assured of being satisfied by the person who talked me through the processes. Feeling that my venture was in good hands, I went home satisfied.

After two days when the video was being shot I saw a pointed ignoring of my opinions and views as the camera crew went along their plan. But I didn’t dwell too much on it as I thought that they were pros so they knew what they were doing. And I was actually happy with the video they delivered. The problem arose regarding the payment. As they started demanding more than double the amount that they had actually settled for.

When I asked them the reason for this exorbitant raise, they cited remoteness of my location, transportation and daily charges of crew, and most of all I was supposed to pay for the cab fares incurred by the crew to reach the spot. I blatantly refused to do so, and they started threatening me about legal procedures. I fought back, threatened them back about legal procedures of my own and I said that I had enough proof to bury them in court.

After a few days of turmoil, they gave me the video in its entirety and took the money we had originally settled on. The whole saga left a bitter taste in my mouth as I couldn’t fathom that anybody could stoop as low as they did

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