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time based appointments only. Once time over ,come next time again..WTF

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I have never been comfortable in going to a dentist and the experience at Southpoint Dental Center was no different. I must say that the treatment here is quite good and in decent price, but the management is not good.

I had to get filling done in my teeth for a long time but kept avoiding as a dentist’s appointment means that I had to take a day off. Because the appointment may be of just one hour, but there is going to be a delay and there is going to be something wrong. I have had four such experiences. But finally, when I could not delay it any further, I went to Southpoint Dental Center. The appointment, as expected, was delayed. But it got worse when it got cancelled. After I was there. Just rescheduled like that. They said there are no charges for cancellation and I don’t need to pay, but isn’t that obvious. All it did was waste my day. And would probably waste another day when the appointment was scheduled.

This time, I called up to confirm if the doctor is indeed in the clinic and that the appointment would not be cancelled. I reached there, and there was a short delay. I went in and was taken for an X ray. Then, the doctor discussed with me the procedure and how it would all work. I had no clue about the time. I cleared a few doubts and I was actually getting comfortable when they dropped the bomb. I was told that my time is over and that I would have to come back again for the actual procedure. I was shocked and still haven’t got the filling done. I’ll search for a new one I think. I don’t recommend Southpoint Dental Center for anyone

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