Spine and Pain Clinics of North America

they are evil, incompetent and sly

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I really do not get the point of even paying one visit to this clinic, now that I have heard about the miserable treatment meted out to my brother. The doctors practising in the Spine and Pain Clinics of North America are so under-trained and incompetent that my brother, who was to undergo a minor treatment for a certain low back pain he was suffering from of late, has now been admitted to the hospital with severe paralysis affecting all his body parts one by one – all because of the silly mistake that the staff made quite irritatingly.

My Brother was to get a dose of Epidural Steroid Injection for filling up the gap that exists between his spine and spinal canal. The date of appointment was also fixed a long ago, but on the day of the appointment, he was told that all the slots are booked for that time and they could not help him in any way. The doctor being unable to spare time from his apparently ‘busy schedule’, a staff member with no medical degree whatsoever gave him a different kind of injection just to give him relief. But it turns out that the inexperienced staff member gave a very different kind of injection (with a very different composition) which he was allergic to.

My poor, poor brother! He is now fighting a lost battle between life and death – all because of that horrendously foolish and yet evil staff! When we rushed to their clinic in Fair Ridge Doctor Suit, they refused to even admit that there was a fault on their part.

Beware of these fraudsters my friends! Never be fooled by their deceptive looks, for they are evil, incompetent and sly, ready to extract hordes of money from everyone!

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