Texas Professional Painting

squeeze money without providing quality of service.

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After being in my apartment for some years I had decided to paint it and I have heard of Texas and Andrew for their professional services as a consequence I fixed an appointment. The staff was not at all good and professional neither they greet me. The staff even did not that Texas was in office and they made me wait for one or two hours after that they did not even apologized. While staff is awful also staff was not helpful but more defensive. Staff was not at all attentive and remain busy in chit chat or babbling all around.


Nevertheless, Texas was somewhat professional and he even listen to all my instructions or preferences which I wanted and assured me to go through them. While they were supposed to start from next day as I made the advance payment but they start their work after a week. Nonetheless they never clean the place after they were done their work and paint receptacles remain all over the room. Furthermore, they took one month to paint my two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom which was suspected to be completed in two weeks.


Even the paint use by them was not of good quality as it peels off or fade in a week. They use worst material and did not came to work when they want to. They were unprincipled and are reckless towards their work and did not show any solemnity to their commitment. They keep on asking me for payment and also, I paid more as they did not work if they did not have money. In addition, they did not even cover my furniture during their work due to which I had to buy new furniture. Their main motive is to squeeze money from the pockets of customer without providing quality of service.

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