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very careless with kids..

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The fact that child healthcare can be so irresponsible and disorganized chills me to the bones and St.Louis Pediatric Dentistry is no exception, if it was possible to give less than one star I would . So this is what happened. We went to the dental office at the time of our appointment, we were specifically told to arrive on that time, so we did and we expected we will be called in immediately , but the scenario was quite the opposite, there was no one at the reception and we had to wait for what seemed like a lifetime before someone arrived ,it was getting so late and we were not even informed of anything, that I decided to leave at some point of time , when a girl (not the dentist)came in and called us inside and started cleaning my daughter’s teeth and she was clearly very inexperienced and it showed in the way she went about the cleaning , because after that when she started flossing my daughters teeth , she repeatedly got it stuck on her caps and only someone who does not know what they are doing will do such a thing , so I got very uncomfortable and politely asked her to stop and asked when the dentist would be coming in , she replied curtly that she didn’t know lowkey stormed out of the room. Finally when the dentist came in she literally took one minute to examine my daughter, very tactfully ignoring any questions that I had, it showed that she did not like her job at all and wanted to leave as soon as she could, and that is not a very welcome sight, when my child’s healthcare is concerned!

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