Stat Overnight Delivery

Overnight.? Safe.? Reliable.? No ..Never

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Stat overnight delivery is one of the deliveries which specializes in the delivery of medical deliveries on a day to day basis. They claim to be their executive as to be the professionals who know what they are doing and how they are doing. They also claim that their way of delivering will help keep the things intact as regard the supplies which are very much hazardous or dangerous or easily prone to get destroyed. They say nothing will be lost and it will be all their risk for bearing any damage but I want to know why not do something which you claim yourself to be. You are nothing more than pretenders.

They also claimed their service to be less expensive than other service providers. An unknown might get to these words but in actual after having a clear review I found the opposite. They charged me extra for sure.

Overnight.? Safe.? Reliable.? Well for me the service obtained from these people was a waste of money and also a loss of my goods. I won’t review them good. Not because of any personal grudges but in actual that the people made me bear a loss of the machine parts that were being imported from some other place. Not only this, the products even after being insured was shown as underinsured and hence was made me shown as my mistake. My products were completely damaged and also few were missing from the box. All I could do for this was to write a review.

My patient’s record too got had because of such negligent behaviour from their end and also I can’t charge them with anything because they dismissed the case saying my produce to underinsure. There are many service providers guys, choose wisely it’s a kind request and make your best decision.

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