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only tall promises made .... shame on them

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Tall promises are a feature in any company’s sales page but mostly all of them backfires and feels like a betrayal like the company mentioned above and whose picture you see. For those who don’t know, let me inform you Sullivan Fence Company is the company that supplies fence (as the name suggests) where you can customize the fences yourselves. The company promises it on time, be available every time with zero excuses. Don’t worry though. You will have plenty of excuse to hate this company. Trust me when I say this…when I say hate it, I mean literally ‘burn this company down,’ kind of hatred.

The first thing that Sullivan Fence Company promises is its punctuality. Trust me it’s never on time. It’s always four to five days late. This might be a small thing to you, but you notify a date and time and then you come at time when we are not at home, totally unaware of the fact your people were here and left is totally unacceptable. Secondly, they lie. I called up my neighbor to cross check the fact and he told me that they never came. Thirdly they never give you exactly the same fence you customize it on their webpage. It’s always one way or the other starkly different. I get it, you guys shoot with high definition cameras which makes it all glamourous and all. But giving Vinyl fence instead of the cedar wood I asked for isn’t acceptable either. Fourthly, when I send it back and explained where it had gone wrong, but when they came with the correct product, they demanded thrice the amount that was decided. It was outrageous since I was promised that no extra money would be asked. Much shame to the company which has been running for fifty years.

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