Thompson Hyundai

Summary be careful with this dealership, very shady practices.

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I wanted to sell my Hyundai Senate but from previous 2 – 3 months I did not find a suitable dealer who can sell my car at good price.  then I got to know about this company and was impressed by the slogan “where you do not buy a car, you buy company” so I fixed an appointment with them. I told them every single thing about my car and also requested  to sell it soon. They called after some days to get the car to the office as they found someone who is interested. But as I went there that person was not there or maybe they just lied to check the actual condition of my car.


As they checked each part of the car, they said I did not get much price for that even though it was in good condition. While again I made a visit there to meet the purchaser of my car and after waiting for an hour purchaser showed up and took a test drive and brought my car. But I got payment after two weeks not only this they selling process of the company is worse and complex due to which I had to visit to the company for 6 times in previous two weeks to sign the different documents.


While till now I did not receive selling paper of my car as a they are not ready yet while enquiry, they always gave some inconveniencing reason which are hard to believe. Additionally, the staff of company was worse as they did not talk in a polite way neither they are helpful. While on asking questions they instead of taking it as a responsibility gave awful answer and complete their work in a hassle. The office brings a view of their perfect services but it is not their services are terrible and they do not have customer grievances services.

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